Journey to Cure - a documentary film about healing

November 2021 Update >>> I am very happy to announce... JOURNEY TO CURE is completed!!! After 6 years of working on and off this project, it's finally done. For release dates etc. I'll keep you posted here. Huge Thanks to everybody who supported this film. Namaste.

August 2020 Update >>> We are moving forward... the sound post production is completed and the color grading is in the works. Almost there:)

March 2020 Update >>> The editing of "Journey to Cure" is completed! We are close... just a little work is still ahead of us.

July 2019 Update >>> We are back in the editing room with our film and hope to be finished in the beginning of 2020!

Jan 2018 >>> The second shooting period for "Journey to Cure" in India is finished. We are happy and grateful for the rich material we were able to collect.  Thanks so much to all the great supporters of this project!

The crowdfunding is finished, but if you still would like to contribute to support the post production for the film, you can do this

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Every contribution is greatly appreciated!

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